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Founded in 1975 by friends Brian Gaisford and Gregory Hemingway, Hemingway African Gallery & Safaris has spent more than four decades bringing African culture to new audiences. Now in its 45th year and under the direction of next generation Logan and Tuck Gaisford, the art and travel venture is dedicated to educating and inspiring guests by spreading awareness of African artists, art preservation, and wildlife conservation. 


Hemingway African Gallery’s collection is ethically-sourced, often directly from artisans across the continent, and ranges from antique to decorative. This allows Hemingway to represent the broader art of Africa, offering accessible pieces to non-collectors. While the African art industry continues to buzz, this family-run NYC gallery has quietly become one of the largest importers of African art in the city.


The new street-level gallery at 88 Leonard St. (relocated from The Manhattan Art and Antique Center in July 2019) brings African art, design, travel, and wildlife conservation under one roof to present visitors with a vision of the gallery’s next chapter as a destination for African aesthetics in the heart of Tribeca. 

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