Matt Bracken is founder and president of Wild and Free Foundation, a registered non-profit in the USA dedicated to saving the African rhinoceros from extinction.

In 2011, after ten years in the African photographic safari industry, Matt Bracken became the first American to graduate from Protrack Anti-Poaching Ranger Training in South Africa, his mission was to protect rhinos from poachers.  However, over time it became clear to Matt that the military approach to saving rhinos has severe limitations and unintended consequences.  In 2014 Matt founded Wild and Free Foundation to curtail the extinction of the African rhino by engaging and uplifting the communities living next to rhinos where most rhino poachers come from.  Matt has gone from hating the poachers to helping the poachers, and that has made all the difference. 

Matt’s story will explain what is happening to rhinos, why they are worth saving, and what Wild and Free is doing about it.  It’s a story from his...

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