5-8pm Wednesday April 13th 2016
Catered by David Burke at Bloomingdales 

 RSVP Required: (212) 838-3650
Hemingway African Gallery
Manhattan Art and Antique Center
1050 2nd Ave. @55th St. New York, NY 10022

Cecil’s killing was one of the most publicized events in history. This event is a unique opportunity to hear from Brent Stepelkamp, the researcher who collared Cecil and broke the news about the famous lion’s death at the hands of Walter Palmer.  

Brent Stapelkamp is a 38 year old Zimbabwean born lion conservationist. He has spent the last decade working on the Hwange Lion research project in Zimbabwe. He and his ten Long Shields team track, dart, collar, and observe the lions in a effort to keep the prides inside the park and away from the local tribal cattle and the hunter’s guns. Brent is fully aware of the potential that hunting can play in the conservation of Africa’s wildlife if it is conducted in a ethical way with all the fees paid...

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