Now over 40 years in the same location, the Hemingway African Gallery is the most established and largest wholesale importer of fine African art. Its unparalleled collection features: Shona sculpture; ancient, colonial, and contemporary tribal sculpture; richly woven textiles; intricately carved ceremonial masks; antique silver and bronze jewelry; Maasai beadwork; Zulu baskets; and shields and other weaponry. The Hemingway African Gallery, located in the Manhattan Arts and Antique Center at 1050 Second Avenue in Manhattan, is open to the public seven days a week on a walk-in basis, or by appointment, on Monday through Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Sunday: 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. Please note we will be open on Sunday by appointment ONLY June- Sep 2016.


Hemingway Gallery’s founder Brian Gaisford talking about Shona Sculpture on the Manhattan Art and Antique Center‘s website:

Hemingway African Gallery is the largest art gallery in New York selling collectable antique and contemporary works from all of Africa. Hemingway Gallery has been in the same location in Manhattan since 1975 when Brian Gaisford established the gallery with Dr. Gregory Hemingway, Ernest’s youngest son.

Shona Sculpture from Zimbabwe is one of the main focuses of Hemingway Gallery, which was the first gallery to import the monumental stone sculpture to the United States. Brian Gaisford grew up with the Shona artists in Zimbabwe before 1975. Today, the sculptors work with the same techniques as the first generation of Shona artists. The large and hard stones are carved with only hammer and chisels and no modern power tools are used.

The gallery works side by side with Hemingway Photographic Safaris doing amazing animal conservation work while collecting art in the field. Hemingway Safaris runs six trips a year to countries all over Africa. Travel with us. The safaris can change your life.

Brian Gaisford of Hemingway Gallery and Safaris has seen it all from Timbuktu to Cape Town. He has collected ancient art in the Bandigare Cliffs of Mali and sat with the Mountain Gorillas and Bonobos in the jungles of the Congo. Each piece in Hemingway Gallery represents one of these adventures.